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ENGEL Digital EMS Fridge / Freezer / Warmer

The ENGEL Model MHD13F-DM is a constant temperature, 14-quart fridge-freezer designed specifically for saline storage for therapeutic hypothermic induction. Unlike thermoelectric powered coolers, ENGEL EMS is compressor driven – powered by the new “F” series compressor featuring improved efficiency, a longer-life and quieter performance. Sized to accommodate up to 6 saline bags and a small drug bag, this fridge-freezer is also perfectly suited for medication and vaccine storage.

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Engel USA
Manuf #MHD13F-DM
Fridge / Freezer, 12V DC
$969.50 ea
Engel USA
Optional 110V AC Converter
$45.98 ea

Able to hold a steady temperature independent from ambient temperature – with a range of 0º F to 113º F – ENGEL EMS provides cooling or heating, adjusting to external fluctuations as needed. Featuring a built-in digital thermometer with LED display, this unit runs on 12V DC with an optional 110V AC converter. When lives are on the line there should be no doubt whether your equipment is operating properly. ENGEL - a legend in reliability - proudly stands by its products and offers a TWO year warranty.