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DMS™ EMT3 8 Position Triage Go-Kit

Introducing the EMT3 8 Position Go-Kit!


Enhanced Method • Triage • Treatment • Transport


Made in the USA! Compact Kit Provides Full Patient Accountability and MCI Response Capability to Any Vehicle.

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Disaster Management Sys
Manuf #DMS-05778
DMS™ EMT3 8 Position Triage Go-Kit
$498.98 ea

Includes 8 Essential ICS Branch Positions:

Medical Branch

  • Triage Unit Leader
  • Treatment Unit Leader
  • Immediate Treatment Manager
  • Delayed Treatment Manager
  • Minor Treatment Manager

Transportation Branch

  • Ground Ambulance Coordinator
  • Ambulance Staging
  • Medical Communications

Each Kit Contains:

  • Position job description and procedure sheets
  • 4 storage clipboards
  • 4 standard clipboards
  • Triage Unit Leader patient count tally sheets
  • Spare Triage Team tally sheets
  • Treatment Area Manager accountability receipt holders
  • Transportation receipt holders
  • Ambulance Staging form ICS-310
  • Bed availability worksheet
  • 50 DMS-05764 All Risk® Triage Tags
  • 20 Pediatric JumpStart/Glasgow Coma Score reference cards