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Conterra TRIPLE X™ Strap Systems

  • Twelve separate overlapping Velcro straps that quickly and securely immobilizes a spine injury to virtually any spine board.
  • Simply align the three sets of “X” formation straps over the corresponding weight centers of the body (upper chest, pelvis, legs) then thread the straps throughout the backboard holes and pull tight.
  • The “chest X” is adjustable and can be threaded over the patients shoulders to further help isolate the head and neck from the mass of the body.
  • The Clip Triple X™ Strap System has the added speed of metal clips for pinned boards. A unique feature of this system is that it can still be treaded through handles that don’t have pins!
  • The Triple X™ Systems comes attached to its own zippered carrying case, which can be attached to the backboard and used to keep C-collars and tape in.

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Triple X
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