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The Lighthouse N95 Masks are innovative, three-panel design masks that naturally contour to your face.  Soft foam lining the upper portion of the mask creates a seal to help keep the mask in place while the anti-fogging properties helps keep visibility at its best.


  • Fit Test Champion
  • Designed to reduce eyewear fogging
  • 15% more breathable then the leading industry mask
  • Clearview bar removes the mask from blocking your lower peripheral vision.  
  • Maintains comfort and fit during activity
  • Made in the USA
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Lighthouse N95 Mask How to Wear Video
Watch this video to learn how to put on and properly wear the Lighthouse Surgical N95 mask.
Lighthouse N95 Mask Overview Video
See an overview of the Lighthouse N95 mask in this video and learn why this 3-piece mask is the best in terms of form, fit, and function.

Questions and Answers


Are both versions (surgical and nonsurgical) of the product latex-free?

Anonymous- On Monday, 25 September 2023


Yes, the Lighthouse brand surgical N95 mask and the non-surgical N95 mask are both latex free

Dave M.- answered On Tuesday, 26 September 2023


What is the difference between the surgical and non-surgical Lighthouse N95 Masks?

Anonymous- On Wednesday, 17 January 2024


The surgical Lighthouse N95 Masks are both NIOSH and FDA listed. The non-surgical Lighthouse N95 Masks are NIOSH listed only.

Jim L.- answered On Wednesday, 17 January 2024

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