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Quantum Ambulance Child Restraints (ACR)

The NEW Quantum Ambulance Child Restraint Pack is an innovative, flexible and fully adjustable harnessing system.  This 4 pack color coded restraint set allows the safe and secure transport of newborns and children weighing 4lbs – 99lbs with a single device.

  • EXTRA SMALL 4-11 lbs
  • SMALL 11-26 lbs
  • MEDIUM 22-55 lbs
  • LARGE 44-99 lbs

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Quantum EMS Solutions
Manuf #ACR4
Quantum Ambulance Child Restraint Pack
$799.00 ea
  • Allows for complete access from the airway to the waist to effectively perform procedures while the patient remains restrained
  • Weight range 4lbs - 99lbs
  • Universally compatible with any cot
  • Smart color coding for easy selection
  • Machine washable
  • Quick release chest strap for medical intervention
  • Breathable fabric maximises airflow and meets infection control standards
  • Allows rapid transition from sitting to flat in an emergency or to recovery position
  • Padded for patient comfort and reduced risk of pressure sores during long transfers
  • Can be used with stretcher backrest in raised position
  • Compact storage bag